Pumps, Bumps, and Jumps has a simple beginning. During a group ride in the summer of 2013 numerous friends and riding buddies were asking for tips and tricks on how to improve their skills on a bike. An informal clinic was organized and PB&J was born.


Over the next 2 years, with the support of The Bicycle Shop, Dimond, PB&J grew steadily from a series of 3 clinics in 2014 to an 8 week progressive development curriculum in 2015. For 2016, the program continues to expand and the course offerings continue to grow. 


The philosophy behind PB&J is simple; we teach the fundamentals of mountain biking through a progressive, comprehensive, and applicable structure in a fun and safe environment. Our goal is to give riders more confidence in their abilities while honing their skills no matter what level of rider they are. We teach in a small group setting to ensure everyone gets a personalized coaching experience while building relationships and experiences with fellow riders.


Cody Gauer
Co-Founder & Program Developer 

A lifelong mountain biker from the interior of southern British Columbia, Cody has spent over 25 years riding, racing, and exploring on a mountain bike. With a competitive racing background in Cross Country, Downhill, and Enduro, Cody has spent many years training and competing in the full spectrum of mountain bike disciplines and traveled the world to seek out new trails and riding experiences. 


In 2013, Cody took a step back from racing to focus on coaching and community development. In an effort to increase rider participation in the Alaska mountain biking community, he developed the Pumps, Bumps, & Jumps (PB&J) Skills Clinics.  Cody is also a CrossFit Level 2 trainer with 7 years coaching experience, a former NLS Lifeguarding Instructor, a USA Cycling Level 3 coach, and current board member of Singletrack Advocates.  

Nathan Wolf
Co-Founder & Volunteer Coach

Nathan came to mountain biking from an extensive background in alpine climbing and skiing.  Despite somewhat of a late start, he quickly went mad for the sport.  Nathan’s philosophy is simple . . . bike technology should not be used as a crutch, but instead, augment a strong level of fitness and technical ability.  When not cycling, Nathan likes burritos and wearing tank tops.

Joe Engel
Lead Coach

Ever since getting better meant jumping over one more piece of fire wood in the middle of the street, Joe has been riding bikes. Always at some level, taking intermittent breaks to pursue other hobbies, Joe got back into mountain biking at a serious level in 2011 as it became another fun way to enjoy the mountains and get the heart rate up. In biking, there is always a skill to work on or challenge yourself with, which is why Joe likes the PB&J philosophy – focus on one thing at a time, then combine the skills at the end to see overall improvement. As assistant coach & rookie photographer, you can expect to hear him chime in with a few tips and catch him behind a tree or corner getting action shots on the trail. 

Karl Lavtar
PMBIA Level 1 Coach

Karl loves bikes! His passion for two wheels shows it. Whether it’s commuting to work on his cyclocross, cruising on his fixie, single speeding the trials of AK, or braaaaping on his moto, there’s always some new adventure around every corner. Too many cycling years to mention, he started of in Western New York as a child, then moved to Colorado to pursue his passion for the outdoors. Now in Alaska, he enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge for pedaling bikes. He’s excited to become a part of PB&J as an assistant coach and looks forward to seeing y’all on the trails. Every ride, there’s something new to learn…..

Maeve Nevins-Lavtar
PMBIA Level 1 Coach

Maeve began competitively biking in 1990 as a high school road bike racer to compliment her off-season alpine ski race training.  When she moved to Crested Butte, CO for college, she quickly traded in her skinny tires for a knobby-wheeled mountain bike, realizing that riding through high alpine fields of mountain wildflowers was a lot more fun than dodging traffic on asphalt. Flash ahead to 2012 when she moved to Alaska, where she has since made a career out of “riding the talk”, merging her authentic passion for biking with her job as a designer/project manager improving Anchorage’s trails and parks. While dabbling in the exuberant cult of single-speed mountain bike racing, Maeve’s laughter is most contagious when she is sharing her knowledge and empowering other riders. After a decade of coaching kids and women’s clinics, she is honored to join PB&J as an assistant coach. 

Jamin Hall
PMBIA Level 1 Coach

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