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Mechanic Workshops

These in-house workshops are designed to help you learn more about your bike and how to maintain, tune, and repair it on the fly.  All clinics are offered free of charge and are hosted by THe Bicycle Shop, Dimond.

When / Where:

2017 Dates TBD


When / Where:

2017 Dates TBD

Trailside Repair 101


Trailside repair is a hands-on instructional session focused on repairing common mechanical failures with the tools you have with you on the trail.  We will address:


  • Flat Tire Repair

  • Broken Chains 

  • Gear failures & Adjustments

  • Braking issues



When / Where:

2017 Dates TBD

Suspension Set Up & Tuning


If you have ever felt like your bike is lagging, wallowing, or bouncing you around like a pogo stick then it could be easily fixed with some simple suspension adjustments. Suspension can seem complicated at first but this workshop is designed to get you acquainted with all the terms and adjustments so you can get more out of your bike.


Hydraulic Brake Maintenance & Repair


Brakes are one of the most important parts on your bike and keeping them running smooth is key to an enjoyable ride. This workshop will get you acquainted with all the styles of brakes, parts needed, and what signs to watch for to keep your stoppers running smooth.


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