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Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

Our Mission

At PB&J, we are passionate about Biking, Learning, and Coaching.


Our mission is to make mountain biking accessible to everyone in a Fun, Progressive, & Inclusive  Environment.

The Team


Cody Gauer

Co-Founder & Program Developer


Joe Engel

Lead Coach

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Jamin Hall

PMBIA Level 1 Coach


Nathan Wolf

Co-Founder & Volunteer Coach


Maeve Lavtar

PMBIA Level 1 Coach


Karl Lavtar

PMBIA Level 1 Coach


 Whether you are brand new to the sport or a life long rider, our clinics are custom fit to your abilities and needs. 


Level 1

If you are just getting into mountain biking and want to learn more about your bike, the trails, and the fundamental skills you need on the trail, then this is for you. In this clinic we will cover bike setup, trail etiquette, cadence, gearing, braking, and cornering.

Level 2

If you have been riding for a little while and are looking to advance and improve your skills, the intermediate clinic can help you progress your riding. In this clinic we will cover braking & cornering, technical climbing & descending, roots, rocks, & obstacles, & wheelies & bunny hops.

Level 3

This clinic is for the expert looking to get faster on the race course, be more aggressive on the downhill, clean technical features, and get more comfortable in the air.  In this clinic we will cover advanced braking & cornering, jumping fundamentals, scrubbing, & wheelies. 


Jam Sessions

PB&J Jam sessions are a single session fast paced group ride with key coaching points added in to help you up your game. If you are looking to add some style to your jumps, boost bigger hits, or just get more confident in the air the Jump session is for you. Must be an intermediate/ advanced rider comfortable with small obstacle, small jumps, and drops.


Level 1:

  • Comfortable on paved trails, city streets, & sidewalks

  • New to riding on dirt paths & singletrack trails

  • Limited experience on a mountain bike

What Clinic is right for me?


Level 2:

  • Regular rider of singletrack trails

  • Comfortable riding intermediate level trails and some advanced trails

  • Able to navigate small trail obstacles

  • Familiar with wheels leaving the ground

Jam Sessions:

  • Avid rider of singletrack trails

  • Comfortable jumping small jumps

  • Familiar with jumping intermediate jumps

Level 3:

  • Avid rider of singletrack trails

  • Comfortable riding all advanced trails

  • Able to navigate trail obstacles of all sizes such as roots, rocks, and jumps

  • comfortable with wheels leaving the ground


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